2021 3rd International Conference on Food Safety and Environmental Engineering
A. Dean Liu Yi

A. Dean Liu Yi

Speech title:

A method of new carbon quantum dots for the rapid detection of selenite


It was reported that excessive intake of selenite (Se (IV) in the body can lead to toxicity and oxidative stress. For example, sulfur in hair and keratin is replaced by selenium, which leads to tissue structure defects. There are hair embrittlement, nail thickening and stratification, and even lung edema, multiple organ diseases, and so on. Chronic selenium poisoning is mainly related to the continuous and long-term intake of drinking water polluted by selenite. At present, there are widely reports on the quantitative application of semiconductor quantum dots in water selenite, but heavy metal/metal based detection materials (non environmental friendly materials) are often used. Therefore, it is urgent and meaningful to find a green and harmless fluorescent probe to detect selenite.

In this study, a new type of carbon material with high fluorescence quantum rate ( N,B-CQDs) with high fluorescence quantum rate was synthesized based on that 2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine and sodium borohydride were used as nitrogen source and boron sourcerespectively for the first time. The fluorescence probe of N,B-CQDs had excellent thermal stability and light stability, and high selectivity, and sensitivity to the biological samples containing selenite. The linear relationship was obtained in the range of 25-125 μ M. the detection limit is 0.206 μ m, and the recovery was good.